Tabatha Patterson – Dallas Content Strategist

While the Creatives spin up the magical art and copy that draws eyes to our clients’ product pages, chat interfaces and training modules, I’m in the background, fitting the puzzle pieces together. Though I fancy myself a born writer and storyteller, continued research and analysis turn the wheels in my head and get the little mouse running.

My Portfolio Samples

Retail Customer Experience - 4 Ways Brands Can Gain Advantage Via Voice Commerce by Tabatha Patterson
Retail Customer Experience – 4 Ways Brands Can Gain Advantage Via Voice Commerce by Tabatha Patterson
NHL Writing Samples by Tabatha Patterson
The Hockey Writers – Articles by Tabatha Patterson

My Skills

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Agency experience keeps my skill set diverse while I work toward my goal of becoming my team’s go-to for behavioral science and grocery insights. When you need digital content strategy, data and insights or engaging copy, I’m your new Swiss Army knife.

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My skills and specialties include (but are not limited to) digital shopper marketing, conversational design, research, insights and online journalism.

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My portfolio showcases both collaborative commercial projects and individual works for web and eCommerce.

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Goals & Experience

As a writer and storyteller, I’ve found diverse opportunities to exercise both my creative and strategic muscles, crafting informative articles and white papers, guiding ecommerce strategy and implementing machine learning principles to design conversational frameworks. My objective is to create highly informative and relatable digital experiences while becoming a go-to resource in my specialty areas: grocery commerce, artificial intelligence and behavioral science.

The thing is, consumer behavior is more complex than conscious responses to calculated marketing surveys. I thrive on digging up answers that explain human behaviors, searching not only for what users say they want from digital products but also gaining an understanding of their subconscious motivations. Ultimately, I’m motivated to create digital experiences that speak deeply to human needs.